Innovation key to new post-pandemic career orientation

Article by APEM

The European Commission wants to develop the European Education Area to support members in building resilient and forward-looking education and training systems, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, where it is essential to prevent structural barriers to learning and skills development from impacting on citizens’ employment prospects and participation in society.

This calls for a new approach based on practices, knowledge and experience from international contexts, which is able to bring innovation, increased capacity and professionalism to career guidance that can foster employability.

Effective career guidance helps individuals to reach their potential, economies to be more efficient and societies to be fairer. It provides individuals with personalised, impartial and timely information to make decisions about their lives.

Across Europe, to ensure a rapid recovery, there is an increasing need to guide and support citizens to find their career path in an evolving economic cycle and employment contexts.

The traditional approach to career guidance is no longer effective in terms of adapting to changing needs, green and digital transition, inclusion and economic cycles. New and more relevant training and learning approaches need to be developed and implemented to make them more relevant to the current and future needs of the economy and society, choosing effective and appropriate digital and distance learning solutions, leading to the development of the necessary competences. In this sense, theatre and the drama techniques on which the Master The Act project is based are a powerful tool for the development of the competences necessary for insertion in today’s changing and fickle labour market.

The creation of new professional profiles, at international level, in the field of career guidance, such as the Creative Mentor for Employability is therefore a step forward in improving the work of advice, support and guidance to all those seeking employment, providing them with innovative tools that will undoubtedly help them to get a job quickly and efficiently.

MasterTheACT Staff

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