The Secret to landing your Dream Job: Your Mind Power!

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When it comes to finding the best job FOR YOU, do you ever wonder why getting it is difficult, even though you are smart, talented and you have the right skills?

You have read tons of “tips” on how to crack a job interview, followed closely the advice from best “job experts” out there, but still not heard back from your dream company or when you finally met the recruiter, your anxiety got you.

So why do you think you are still not getting the results as expected?

Because when it comes to winning a job, what matters most is not how great you are, but how you can position yourself as the BEST candidate in the eyes of THAT particular recruiter.

There are two factors here:

Interviewers are humans with different preferences when making the hiring decisions. You need the flexibility to adapt your message accordingly so you can establish connection with this special human being, or what in NLP is called RAPPORT.

And the other is that you have to see your job interview as “PERFORMANCE”. Your ability to be the BEST of yourself and shine “on stage” during job interviews is key.

Both of these areas can be tremendously improved but you have to know how your mind works.

Because “If you don’t manage your mind, your mind will manage you.” (T. Eker)

The theory behind NLP is that the decisions we make are connected to evolution and centered on finding pleasure and avoiding pain. These predetermined decision-making systems rule our present and future.

Our brain has built its own decision-making system from:

  • our fundamental beliefs and unconscious rules.
  • our values.
  • our frame of references.
  • the questions we ask ourselves.
  • our emotional states at precise times.

The sum of these five elements (beliefs, values, frame of references, questions, and emotional states) can cause us to act or to remain paralyzed.

Have you ever wondered why you never dared to ask for that promotion, apply for a job in a (better) company, or launch that start-up (which you know is a great idea)? These “automatic pilot” programs often stop us from taking action.

But once we know how the brain functions and drives our beliefs, speech, and actions, then we can adjust to reach our goals. We can also change a habit, control our emotions, or even rid ourselves of a fear. Thankfully, by modifying these innate behaviors, we can take control of our lives. We can feel good, improve our relationships with others, and get to where we want.

in order for it to work, we need to practice it every day, since exercising our brains in a positive way is a workout! And the other challenge you have probably understood already is that this a unique and personal path that no one else has or can take for you.

In this constantly changing job market, job winning is a LIFE SKILL that you’ll need throughout your working lives. The earlier you master it, the more you can benefit from it.

In summary, changes have to be made inside-out for long-lasting effects.  Are you ready? Because it is “your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” (T. Robbins).

Successful people set goals and do/did everything to attain them. It is from that goal, and only from that goal, we have the impression it was luck. But there is no such thing as luck. To reach a goal, you need to concentrate on it and, on a daily basis and take all of the opportunities that arise to achieve it. Start today!

And also, stay tuned! Very soon we’ll have some handy tools tailored just for you!

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