Master The Act – Training in Matera, Italy

In October 2022, the training course of the Master the Act project was held at the new space called ‘Eco Verticale’ near the Residenza Fra i Sassi premises, involving 24 participants from Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Poland and Romania. The professionals involved experienced an innovative training methodology, combining theatre techniques and digital learning.

The methodology works on emotional intelligence, creative thinking, coaching and communication skills, creating a new professional figure that the project calls ‘Creative mentor for Employability’.

During the 5-day training, participants experienced the MACT methodology at first hand and discussed employability activities, opportunities and future challenges in Europe with trainers and other professionals.

The video shows the testimonies of the participants and trainers, who gathered in Matera for the event.

Production for the ARTeria Foundation: Mateusz Paszek, WIZERUNKUJ 

Fundacja ARTeria

MasterTheACT Staff

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