New way of seeing things

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”

Henry Miller

A focus on the body, its actions, and its cognitive mechanisms identifies foundational principles of activity that link the three elements of theatre: Story, Space, and Time.

These three elements define each of us and our personal journey. Being aware of them and being able to recognise them gives us the tools we need to tackle new paths and roles.

Everyone is searching for their own character and role, and sometimes, at particular times in our life, there is a need to rewrite the script, to imagine and see ourselves differently through the eyes of others. It is sometimes necessary to start on a new path that takes us down roads not yet travelled.  It is necessary to focus on the characteristics that distinguish us and create our uniqueness, and once we have established the goal to be reached, to get active and take steps to acquire skills that will make us improve and reach our goals.

Looking for and finding a job is the purpose, but for everyone this represents also an opportunity and a journey of discovery and awareness within ourselves to assess our abilities and aspirations. Supporting someone in their search for a job means starting with the other person on a journey to rediscover their talents, unearthing hidden treasures and imagining themselves in new and previously unimagined roles, and assessing which aspects they can enhance.

To do this, the Creative mentor must first be equipped with a set of skills and tools that enable them to enter into a relationship with the other person and to facilitate and guide a journey that succeeds in highlighting the possibilities and also unseen aspects of people .

Through several different theatrical techniques involving all aspects, bodily, emotional and cognitive, and by experimenting with them in a group context, Creative mentors acquire knowledge and skills such as communication skills, leadership, and negotiation that enable them to discover their own talents in order to be able to use them and make them available in guiding others.

MasterTheACT Staff

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