The end of the MACT Project? – Newsletter #5

The “Master the Act” Project has officially ended. It was a journey through creativity and professional development that has brought us great results.

The overall objective of the MACT project was to improve in European professionals a set of complex competencies including key competencies for lifelong learning, soft skills and hard skills, to contribute to the overall development of that global competence necessary to enter and grow in an ever-changing labour market.

The main beneficiaries of the development of these competencies have been and will continue to be:

  • the job seekers belonging especially to more vulnerable and disadvantaged groups;
  • the job facilitators and enablers and the theatre trainers and educators, which in turn are involved in developing the employability levels of the persons as mentioned above.

All the outputs we have realised and published have been specifically addressed to this second group with the aim to consequently benefit the first one.

The outputs realised for you

So, if you are a job facilitator or enabler or a theatre educator, these outputs are for you!

1. The professional profile of the Creative Mentor for Employability

The Creative Mentor for Employability (CME) is a professional able to support jobseekers in developing their employability by the use of a methodology that includes not formal and theatrical techniques and combines them with mentoring techniques and professional development. The MACT Team has defined this professional profile in terms of competence framework, learning units and learning outcomes, knowledge, skills and responsibilities.

The CME Professional Profile is available in six languages on the MACT Web Platform at: https://mastertheact.eu/professional-profile-creative-mentor-for-employability/.

2. The MACT Training Combo

The “MACT Training Combo” is also called MACT Methodology. The entire methodology developed during the project is contained in the MACT Handbook along with the MACT Training Box (Part IV), a collection of tools and practical activities that the CMEs can use in their work with job seekers.

The MACT Handbook is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian and Polish on the MACT Web Platform at: https://mastertheact.eu/resources/. On this page, you can also find other useful resources like the Self-Assessment Tool or the Practical Activities Finder.

3. The learning platform for CMEs

The website of the MACT project hosts a learning platform developed to train and support Creative Mentors for Employability in their job. You can access the online course to become CME at: https://mastertheact.eu/courses/mact-online-training/. The course, available in six languages, consists of 6 training modules of about 2 hours each and includes video lectures and exercises. At the end of the course, and on passing the final quizzes for each module, you will receive a certificate of attendance and the title of Creative Mentor for Employability. Within the course is also available a “Community Section” to connect with the other CMEs like you.

The results of the project

Until today more than 150 students received the Certificate of Creative Mentor for Employability through the online course. 23 professionals from all over Europe attended the Training Week that was organised in Matera. More than 130 people attended the 9 training pilots that have been organised in presence in the six countries of the project: Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, United Kingdom and France.

During the training pilots. it has been possible to evaluate the training programme through a Self-Assessment Tool that the participants have filled in at the beginning and at the end of the training. All National Pilot participants have seen fairly uniform improvement in each skill area identified in the Professional Profile of the CME:

  • Competencies related to the Employment area: +69%
  • Competencies related to the development of the person: +64%
  • Competencies related to the development of relationships: +55%
  • Total +62%

Regarding the competencies that have seen the most improvement, the participants saw a significant improvement (+92%) in their ability to use theatrical techniques to support job seekers. It was found a good improvement also in their abilities to use dynamic personal growth techniques with their learners (+74%) and to identify and help correct unhelpful practices that might hinder someone’s employability (+74%). A good result (+70%) has also been achieved for the ability to develop creativity and encourage self-reflection.

So, is this the end of the project?

Absolutely not! Now it’s your time!

Now is the turn of the Creative Mentors for Employability to put into practice the knowledge acquired and help job seekers to develop their employability through theatre and drama techniques.

We invite them to use the Community Section of the MACT Learning Platform to share your experiences and results.

We look forward to receiving updates and wish them a good working!

Cristina Palermo (L’Albero),
project manager of “Master the Act”

Cristina Palermo

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