Theatre and employment methodology is already part of APEM’s resources

The ultimate goal of any of the European initiatives in which the Employment Agency has been participating for more than five years is to improve the employability of all those who need or want it. And this is made possible through the implementation of these projects that become part of the resources that the APEM offers to the citizens of Madrid.

In this sense, it is interesting to remember that at the beginning of 2023, the AE has inaugurated a new centre, the San Blas Digital Skills Campus, whose objective is to train professionals for the digital sector through innovative methods and tools that improve their employability through courses, workshops and activities to improve personal, social and digital skills.

The Fake It methodology is part of the set of innovative methodologies offered by San Blas. In fact, one of the classrooms has taken its name: the Fake It classroom, which is dedicated to the methodology of theatre and employment and which is the precursor of the European project Master the Act (MACT) whose main objective is the creation of a new professional profile: the Creative Mentors for Employability who will teach this type of innovative methodology.

Thus, San Blas makes visible the implementation of two of the European projects in which the EA has participated with the greatest success: Fake It Till You Make It and Master The Act.

In relation to the Master the Act project, it is worth highlighting the excellent reception that its national pilot workshop has had among the participants who have taken part in it.

The Spanish national pilot took place in Madrid at the APEM`s San Blas Digital Campus from 21 to 24 February. .  It was held in the Fake It room of this digital competence centre.

Fifteen people participated, 13 of whom were from the Employment and Vocational Training sectors and 2 from the Theatre field.

The criterion followed in the selection of the participants was to give the opportunity to those who had already completed the online course but had not been able to attend the Training the Trainers in Matera to do face-to-face activities of the online course.

Fifteen people participated in the Spanish National Pilot :13 people from Employment & Vocational Training and 2, from the Theatre field.

The national pilot took place over 20 hours spread over 4 days in which, in addition to an express version of the Fake It workshop, the main activities related to the CME online training such as working on competences focused on the person, employment and interpersonal relationships, were carried out.

On the last day, participants received a certificate of completion of the National Pilot. Some of the opinions expressed by the participants of this pilot workshop were :

“It was wonderful”, “I think it is an enriching experience for all types of profiles. This course is recommended for both professional and personal growth”; “The course was above my expectations and I hope it can be implemented soon”; ”Congratulations for daring with such an innovative and non-cliché programme, an absolute success” ; “I loved it and it exceeded my expectations”

Finally, it should be  to added that although the implementation of this National Pilot has been very satisfactory, in the course of the pilot and based on the feedback and contributions of both, participants and trainers, we will be able to improve those aspects of this “trial training programme” that have not worked well and refine those that have been overwhelmingly very well received but, without a doubt, the final conclusion is that this programme has been very worthwhile.

MasterTheACT Staff

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