The Creative mentor for employability takes shape! – Newsletter #1

The European project Master the Act is based on a previous initiative: The Fake It Till You Make It project. The Fake it till you make it methodology aimed to improve your employability through theatre. Now, the first step of the Master the Act project is  creating a new professional profile: the “Creative Mentor for employability”. The mission of the Creative Mentor for employability is to be the guiding hand that accompanies the person from the beginning of the process until they find a new job.

8 project partners worked together from 6 EU countries: Spain, Italy, France, Romania, UK, Poland. Discover the partnership in the dedicated Partnership section of the website.

The partnership has conducted focus groups, questionnaires, skills checks and studies with the target groups of the project to define the best professional profile for the Creative Mentor for Employability. You can find more details about the profile in the first draft of the profile definition in the Outputs section of the project website.

To learn more about the process of creating the new profile led by Agencia Para el Empleo de Madrid  (APEM – the Madrid Job Center), read the article on the Latest News section.

MasterTheACT Staff

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