Latest news from the partnership meeting in Italy – Newsletter #4

In April, the partners of the MASTER THE ACT project met in Melfi to test the methodology and activities implemented in the first phase of the project.

The main objective of the “Master the act” project is to develop a new professional profile: the Creative Mentor for Employability, qualifying and extending the working methodologies of two target groups labour facilitators (human resources managers, recruitment specialists, career counsellors, public and private employment agencies) theatre managers, trainers and professionals.

To achieve this, after conducting research at European level, the partnership prepared a first draft of this new job profile, which includes all the key competences needed for the Creative Employability Mentor.

During these 3 days participants experienced a training methodology specifically designed to train Creative Employability Mentors and help them work with unemployed and jobseekers through innovative, non-formal and theatrical techniques.
The training consists of 6 modules covering different topics that the Cultural Employability Mentor should develop, in areas such as:

  • group and diversity management
  • assessment of personal strengths
  • future goals

and many others…

The days in Melfi were essential to test the methodology of the activities and implement them even better. The activities are based on theatrical techniques and are accessible to all.

The MACT methodology will be delivered in a blended learning course: the first part of the learning course will take place online via a digital handbook and a digital platform and very soon the platform will be ready.

Afterwards, some participants will be invited to attend a final training event in Matera (Italy).

Very soon news!

MasterTheACT Staff

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