Interview with Gianluca, “Pilot Fake It” participant

Article by Alessandra Colombo – Materahub

 “After that training, I managed to graduate and I managed a job interview to the best of my ability. Now I am working!”

The EU co-funded project “Master the Act” aims to continue the successful methodology of the “Fake it till you make it” project.

One of the aims of the new project is the creation of a professional figure: the “Creative Mentor for Employability” (CME), through a pathway that wants to improve the competences and widen the working methods of two target groups

  1. job facilitators (human resource managers, recruitment specialists, career counsellors, public and private employment agencies, navigators),
  2. theatre managers, trainers and professionals.

We met with one of our participants (NEETs) in the Italian training of the project “Fake it till you make it” in the past weeks to find out together if the project activities had a “changing” effect on his life.

Thank you to Gianluca for his willingness to talk about himself and answer our questions.

What do you clearly remember about the training you experienced together with the “Fake it till you make it” project in terms of the activities carried out?

The whole training was an exciting experience and each activity has a special place in my memory, but I clearly remember three activities in particular:

1) the theatrical mask game, which allowed us to explore the infinite potential of ourselves and to choose who we wanted to be.

2) the multiple intelligence test which helped me to get to know myself better;

3) the creation of a small final presentation show summarising all that had been learned which helped me to discover my leadership skills;

What do you clearly remember about the training you experienced together with the “Fake it till you make it” project in terms of emotions and feelings?

The strongest feeling I remember was the novelty of a different way of doing training; the self-awareness you gained and the amazement of living with such serenity a personal path together with people who become “familiar” in a very short time.

Do you think that experience could have represented a watershed in your professional and life choices?

Absolutely yes! I got to know myself better; I confirmed my talents; I received a greater sense of self-confidence; I managed to get a degree after that training… something I had struggled to do for years; I finally found the courage to start writing a theatre script; I managed a job interview to my full potential in a field related to my interests. I am really happy with how things have evolved.

Could you tell me at least 2 goals that you set for yourself after the Pilot experience and that you think you have achieved so far?

Certainly greater self-knowledge and greater serenity in facing a job interview. I can say that I have succeeded. I am now working at what I think I can do quite well! I still don’t have total economic autonomy, but I feel that something inside has been unlocked.

What skills do you think a Creative Mentor for Employability should have and/or acquire?

No doubt about it: Recognise the talents of others! I am sure that the Creative Mentor for Employability training will be a great success for a new way of initiating job placement because it goes first to the person and then to the labour market. It puts the person at the centre. That is its winning aspect.

Thank you very much for this fine initiative and for the opportunity you have given me to tell a piece of my experience! Good work to you and we look forward to

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